Established in 1992, Redcorn is widely regarded as one of the UK’s most professional and modern vehicle recycle centre’s and disposal agents. As an Authorised Treatment Facility, we adhere to strict legislation governing the disposal of E.L.V (End of Life) vehicles. If you are an individual or local authority, our team is always ready to help.

Redcorn currently contracts for 23 local authorities and disposes of over 150,000 cars per year. If you are a local authority, Redcorn can ease the problems of abandoned vehicles by offering a full service to remove them from roads and recycle them professionally, all too strict environmental guidelines.

Abandoned or untaxed vehicles are a growing nuisance for hard pressed local authorities, and the legislation surrounding the removal and safe disposal of them is extremely complex. What Redcorn offer is a cost-effective, professional solution.

Vehicles are removed from the road and stored (if required) using a fleet of liveried Hiab and damage free lifts – up to HGV. As an Authorised Treatment Facility we can also de-pollute and destroy ready for recycling, meeting all the standards laid down by the Environment Agency and ELV regulations.

Best of all we do this all at a very competitive price, meeting 'best value' requirements for local authorities.

Fully-risk assessed, licensed by all relevant environmental authorities, compliant with all employment and equal opportunities legislation. Redcorn is dedicated to recycling and promoting a fully regulated and professional service.

Untaxed Vehicles

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) work in partnership with the police and local authorities to remove and in some cases clamp untaxed vehicles. Redcorn is contracted by local authorities to carry out the removal process or clamping. Further information about vehicle tax including reporting an untaxed vehicle can be found on the DVLA website

E.L.V and what it means

New legislation means that the collection and disposal of abandoned or hazardous vehicles is changing fast. Legislation is driving the change towards a new professionalism within the industry. This change is multi-agency, having profound implications for everyone involved in the disposal of vehicles. That is why an understanding of the new legislative environment is important. The End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) Directive (2000/53/EC) passed into European law in October 2000. It is concerned with cars, vans, and certain three wheeled vehicles.

Why choose Redcorn?


Our customers are confident in the knowledge that our team are dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please use the contact form or call us on  020 8880 9990

Customer service

We work closely with our customers, listening to their comments and responding in such a way that will promote strong relationships, providing best values to the customer.

Vehicle removals

We have a fleet that will enable us to remove any class of vehicle, from a coach to a motorcycle, restricted height and garages!

Covid safe

Vehicles are removed or collected without any physical interaction with our staff.

Scrap Car Service

Looking to Scrap or Sell your car? Just enter your car registration and postcode into our online form

Used Car Parts

We have thousands of spare parts ready to go. Contact us here

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